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"Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day."Jim Rohn

A successful investor has much to learn from a marathon runner. A marathoner must be well prepared, resilient, disciplined and focused in order to complete the race. The most successful marathoner, and investor, insures success in the long-term by creating and being committed to a detailed plan which accounts for a variety of circumstances. The successful investor will mimic the marathoner by remaining confident, dedicated, patient and calm as the race develops. Conditions may require minor changes but remaining committed to the plan and focused on the ultimate goal will be paramount.

An investor, like a runner, who cannot master their emotions will be unable to profit from the proven investment process and finish the race. As Louis Pasteur said: “Fortune favors the prepared mind.”

Just as a marathoner benefits from a proven running coach, your long-term investment performance will be enhanced by working with the right investment advisor. A quality advisor will share your goals, their values will align with yours, and they will keep you disciplined and focused on the ultimate goal – finishing the race.