The KozakTripp Process

Phase One | Initial Consultation

During our initial meeting, we will listen. We want to understand your financial goals, objectives, risk tolerance, and your investment experience.  We will review the services our firm provides, our research capabilities, and our portfolio management strategies.  During this meeting we will identify and prioritize the issues that are of most importance to you or your organization.

Phase Two | Analysis and Recommendations

Prior to making our recommendations, it is important that we analyze in detail your current retirement strategy, investment, savings accounts and strategies. We will use our advanced research tools to complete a thorough evaluation.

During our second meeting, we will present and review a customized picture of your current financial position.  This will include an analysis and rating of your current investments and a forecast of the ability for you to meet your desired objectives. We will then focus on our recommendations and present in detail a strategy that we believe will be the most effective in facilitating each of your defined goals and objectives.

Phase Three | Cooling Off Period

We encourage individuals and businesses considering our firm to take as much time as necessary to review our qualifications, recommendations and to consider their options. The choice of an investment advisor is an important decision and a prospective client should never feel pressure to choose any particular advisor or course of action.

Phase Four | Implementation

Implementation of a financial plan is time sensitive and demands attention to detail.  We have developed a process to insure that the implementation and monitoring of a financial plan is reported to all appropriate parties within the firm on a daily basis.

Phase Five | Communication and Monitoring

We cannot control the financial markets or how circumstances may alter your original financial goals and objectives. However, we can control through a continuous and systematic review process a plan on how we will respond to changing characteristics of the financial markets and your personal circumstances. We have incorporated an individualized client service model within our firm to address this issue. Through our website clients have access to their account balances, account performance, current market data, and articles related to numerous investment topics. Due to our active management approach, within an ever-changing market environment, it is important that we continue to meet and status the progress being made towards achieving your goals.

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